Different kinds of ear piercings

This graphic from bodycandy is the most informative one I have found regarding different types of ear piercings.

I had my ears pierced with a piercing gun when I was 12. Unfortunately this led to various infections, so I let those holes close. A couple of months later I re-pierced them myself with a sterilised needle. Since then I have never had any problems.

At the moment I only have one hole in each ear. At one time I had an upper lobe piercing, and 2 helix piercings in each ear. I took the earrings out of all except the original two, and let them all close.

I have teeny tiny earlobes so I cannot wear clip on earrings or anything big or heavy. I just leave it at simple tiny rings or studs.

You can’t often see my ears but here is a super-duper photo of me ready for bed with my bite plate in, my old broken glasses, and face shiny with moisturiser. You can see my tiny lobes. These are small diamond studs.

Lately I have been hankering after another piercing, but I am not sure where or what. I have more room in the upper part of my ear than the lower. Any suggestions? Would love to hear what my readers have.


Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I’m just envious because I have allergies that prevent from wearing earrings, let alone think about additional piercing. I’m also a coward so I’d only be brave enough to go for an upper lobe. Helix looks interesting, though it also looks painful!

  2. I have three holes in each ears, one in the lobe and two in the upper lobe. I got the first lobe holes when I was SIM months old and did the others myself when I was about thirteen years old. As I’m allergic to any metals that is not gold or sterling silver I mostly wear diamond studs or rings of any sizes. At some point I was thinking about having the helix done as well but I am quite hesitant as I wear headphones a lot and I’m not sure it wouldn’t get painful after a few hours. If any one could advise me, I’d be thankful.

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