Bad Pineapple bags and Notebook covers


These gorgeous bags are made by Justin, the supremely talented partner of one of my favourite clients. He is in the process of building an online store (links below) and honing his craft but he is insanely talented and has an instinctive feel for animals.

I have met two bags and a notebook cover in the flesh and they are lovely. The leather is all hand-dyed and sewn and he is changing his designs according to feedback, so the end product is just getting better and better. One of the innovations I really like is the scoring on the inside of the flap. You know how handcrafted leather bags often don’t open gracefully if they have a flap top? Well, the scoring does not compromise the strength of the bag but means that if you flip the flap open,  it stays flipped until you flap it closed again. The bags are also light, unlike so many leather bags, which end up unbearable (see what I did there?).

My favourite one is the elephant and I have asked about the possibility of a cat (maybe a lion?) bag and received a yes.


I am not a customer – yet – and I have received nothing for making this post. I just love the way animals are incorporated into these bags. I would love a larger tote that carries books and has  an animal flap. And can you imagine traveler’s notebooks or Hobonichi covers with animal or object themes? The possibilities are endless!

So if you like them, give Justin a shout-out and post any comments for him in the comments section. I am sure he would love feedback and also encouragement.

Find Bad Pineapple

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  1. I love these! The shark is so clever. So nice to see something so original. I look forward to seeing these on sale 😊

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