Roterfaden TASCHENBEGLEITER notebook covers

I was convinced that I had already written an article about Roterfaden TASCHENBEGLEITER notebook covers, but when I looked for it, I could not find it.  So apparently not. How could that be?

Roterfaden was established in Germany in 2006, and went online in 2007. So it predates the enormous popularity of the Midori traveler’s notebook, despite having a similar system – it just uses clips instead of elastics.

Roterfaden means ‘red thread’ in German, and TASCHENBEGLEITER means ‘bag companion’. You can definitely see German efficiency in the design features. It is utilitarian, user-friendly, and the website is wonderful. It is easy to navigate and order, and everything you need is within reach.

Instead of elastics, this system uses hinged clips. These clips can hold anything you like – from folded bits of paper to receipts, notebooks and calendars. You can also use the clips as bookmarks.

You can buy Roderfaden inserts – calendars, notebooks, fold-outs, maps – or you can use your favourite notebooks from other brands. You don’t need to have a hole punch or elastics. Just close the clips and you are done.

I had looked at Roterfaden before (which is why I thought I had written about it) but never bought one.As I said above, I really adore the Roterfaden site.

  • You can configure your cover here, using their configurator tool It is really fun to play with and easy to use. The explanations of each option are very easy to understand and visualise
  • On this page you can see more information about the options, the products, the calendar layout (they have my favourite week on two pages vertical layout!) and their environmental policy. When I popped something in my basket (as you do) I could see how long it would take to ship and to reach me. EU orders over €150 ship free.
  • On this page you can see galleries of covers in use, different cover options, the manufacturing process, and much more.

So I was delighted when Mindy C sent me a RAK (random act of kindness) recently. It contained stickers, inserts for my ring organisers, some beauty products, and….wait for it… an A6 Roterfaden 3-clip TASCHENBEGLEITER in Pigeon Blue Dancefloor. I was thrilled. Bouncing off the walls thrilled!

This would be quite a chunky fella when full so I think the smaller size is perfect. I am considering using this for our trip to South Africa at Christmas time. It would hold my passport/s, tickets, ticket stubs, receipts, my travel journal and a small fold-out calendar.

Mindy is one of the kindest people I know. She has previously gifted me inserts she no longer uses, and that is where I got these wonderful plastic envelopes, which I use in my ring organiser. I have five of them and have been using them for years. So many people have asked me about them. I don’t know where they are from but I love them!

Thank you so much Mindy for your kindness and friendship over the years, and for your generosity and appreciation of my blog.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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