Different diamond and ring setting styles and terminology

I am getting married in exactly a month (20th July). Our engagement rings are heavy, solid matching plain gold bands, and my wedding ring is a plain matching band with diamonds set flush into it. I didn’t want anything flashy and I hate prong settings (I have had a 6-prong solitaire before, and the prongs caught on things, had to be constantly checked, sometimes bent, and I was always worried about losing a stone) so the choice was simple.

If you do want something more traditional and are confused by terminology and the choices out there, here are some images that may help.

Diamond Nexus has a really nice information page with pictures (below, from the site) of the different styles plus tips on what style/lifestyle suits which setting.  To get to the page, click here

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  1. The rings are really lovely. If you’ve posted about your fiancé it completely got by me. I’m beyond thrilled for you, you so deserve to be happy. All the best to you both for years and years filled to the brim and running over with love, harmony, adventure and a belly laugh every day!


  2. All the best to you and your future spouse:)!


  3. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming marriage!


  4. Are you already wearing your engagement ring???


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