My very worn vacchetta leather handbag

This is one of my older handbags. I bought it at one of those generic handbag stores – the ones that sell nameless, bags in sensible designs that all look similar – because I liked the internal layout. It was very very pale when I first got it – a pretty, almost shell-pink shade. The first few marks were heartbreaking, but this is what it looks like after many years of wear. Isn’t that colour  and patina gorgeous? At this point, you don’t notice a scuff or a scratch.

When it comes to the layout it has:

  • external slip pocket at the front
  • external zippered pocket at the back
  • 3 sections for papers/files/laptop with leather strap closure (I use one for my laptop and 2 for my papers)
  • multiple leather pen loops
  • canvas and leather phone pouch
  • detachable leather keyring
  • 2 leather credit card slots

It also has a square, structured shape that means it stands upright on its silver ‘feet’, making it very useful for work. The lining is canvas and has held up to many years of wear. I have never treated the leather with anything.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  2. Wow how did you manage to get that tan colour on the leather pieces inside your bag? Going from a shell-pink shade to that colour seems incredible, especially for the leather inside the bag!

    1. I am looking for a similar bag in that colour or darker as I don’t believe they tan evenly and i utterly dislike having the exterior darker than the inside which is what I usually get.
      That sort of bag is ideal to carry work stuff.

      1. Yes you have to be dedicated in sunning it from all angles otherwise you end up with blotches or one side paler than the other. I had to actively tan the inside of the straps and the underneath.

      2. Cuoieria Florentina make nice and very cheap bags. They’ve been selling their leather items for more than 40 years all around the world and their CS is fab.
        Good choice!

      3. You can see that it has blotches on it where it has tanned unevenly but when it gets darker you don’t notice it so much.

      4. Yes that’s why I like buying tanned or light brown leather items. They go on darkening and it is always more elegant and even than when I get them undyed or with a very light tan.

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