Crescent moon necklace from Amica Jewels on Etsy

I received some comments and some questions via email about the gold crescent moon sparkly pendant and chain I ordered from Etsy and featured on my blog the other day.

The necklace came from Amica Jewels on Etsy. It came from Germany with free tracked shipping, and arrived in about four days. The necklace was in a little velvet pouch and I loved it.

It is pretty hard to photograph but I am thrilled. Two of my clients have commented on it, and one thought it was real gold. In Sweden it is not done to show wealth so it is very seldom that someone asks if something is real, so she was really curious about it.

I got the longer length chain and it was the perfect length. As I said, it is not easy to photograph but looks just like the photographs.

It even matches my glittery Christmas sweater, which I can wear for one week of each year!
And this is the problem I face with my necklaces. I am slim but wear a 65/30 H bra. This means that if a necklace is too short or small it makes the ‘expanse’ look enormous, and if the chain is too long it dangles over the precipice and looks terrifying. This one is the perfect size.

This shop owner does not know me at all – in fact I will only be sending her the links after both of these are published. I am a regular customer. And a very happy one – communication was excellent, price was great, shipping was quick AND tracked, and I loved it!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Same problem. I’m extra small (usually less than 45 kg) and it is the first place i gain weight and the last place I lose. Worse yet, I’m also vertically challenged …. 1.5 meters I really love your jewelry collection. Thanks for sharing.  Btw have you seen new planners by aura.estelle. it combines rings and strings in ONE planner!

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