Now that is a cat tree!

Here is the custom Cat tree I made this summer for some friends / clients , complete with their Kitty.. 🙂

Sadly I do not ship or mail such large pieces,as they are one of a kind, custom designed, and built on location. Because of the time, and labor involved in making something like this, I charge any where from Three Thousand Dollars, to Four Thousand, this doesn’t include the cost for supplies, that is paid for by my client separately..

How I make trees, first I design and build to the the location, and needs of my clients. Then..

“For Permanent Installations”,
Like Cat trees, furniture, Beds, Reading nooks, ext..
I start construct a wooden armature, to give structure, then I attaché, then carve sheets, or blocks of foam, that are then covered with a paper pulp / particle clay. that is mixed with heavy wood glue.. ( or even fiberglass resin, but I prefer not to use fiberglass ) This is extremely durable.

For something that needs a little less structure, or is Temporary, like a Theatrical Set, or storefront display I’ll build “a tree” out of cardboard, and paper mache.. Some times I’ll do a mix of both techniques.. This is still very Durable.

I am willing to travel to travel to clients homes, stay, and work..

Thank you again for your interest..

Sincerely Robert Rogalski.

Photos By Michael Fisher

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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