South Africa Day 16 – Port Alfred

Today we had a delicious fry-up for breakfast and then we went grocery shopping. The rest of my large family came up from Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown and most of us went on a river cruise. Port Alfred is a fishing village and the old buildings on the wharf are really interesting. Ships from Australia used to dock here, believe it or not.

We ate and drank and laughed and chatted for a good 90 minutes while we looked at the town, the vegetation and the river from another perspective.

The beloved little cottage

You can see how curly my hair gets in the sea air!

We went back to the cottage for another braai with the whole family. Most of them went back home but some stayed for another day which was wonderful because we could talk late into the night. I have missed my family so much and we had seven years to catch up on.

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