South Africa Day 11 – Grahamstown, Kenton-on-Sea (picture heavy)

Today was my birthday so it was wonderful to be able to spend it in my home town, with my family. We started out by having a lovely coffee and chat with the family.

My best friend Tracey then fetched us in her car to take us to a surprise destination. She told us that it was pretty basic and that there was no Wifi. Well…

It is the Oyster Box in Kenton-on-Sea, which can be rented out per room or the whole house. We had the whole house. There are four bedrooms – two smaller ones and two luxury suites. The appliances in the kitchen were SMEG, there were Nespresso coffee makers in each room. We had a walk in wardrobe and designer toiletries. AND it had great WiFi! It has won numerous awards and I can definitely recommend it. It can sleep up to 10 people so if you book it for a group in low season it is very reasonably priced.

Tonight we had a braai and laughed and talked until the early hours. It was the most amazing night.

I can recommend travelling to South Africa in June/July. It is winter in South Africa but it is not that cold…

and it is low season so you can easily find luxury accommodation at great prices and special deals – particularly if you stay two nights – and there are never queues or traffic. The South African rand has been quite weak for some time so it is good value for overseas travel.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Wow! You’ve had a really fantastic trip Janet! Loved reading your updates and seeing all these amazing photos of South Africa! I really hope you get to go back soon!!

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