Oddball hair products

When I was growing up there were not many hair products, so I used

  • to wash my hair with horse shampoo
  • take Bob Martin dog coat conditioning tablets
  • rinse my hair with beer
  • rinse my hair with lemon juice
  • rinse my hair with vinegar
  • put ketchup or aspirin on my hair if chlorinated pool water made it green
  • put egg on my hair (it would scramble if you washed it out with very hot water)
  • put mayonnaise on my hair
  • put olive/linseed/almond/coconut oil on my hair

Nowadays you get all kinds of hair products off the shelf but I still like Mane ‘n Tail horse shampoo and conditioner for my hair!

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  1. There are so many hair products nowadays but honestly nothing compares with natural products. Chemical formulas are very bad for the hair and the body in general. All those multipurpose hair conditioners are full of dangerous products that create more damage than anything else when used regularly. Check the list of ingredients and if there is any silicone, tensio-active or perfume then you can be pretty sure that the list of chemical will be pretty long.

    Nothing compares with natural coconut oil or olive oil for thick/fizzy hair. It nourishes hair without leaving any residue on it. And it is cheaper too! I have used oils for about thirty years on my hair and it is in great condition.

    I try to stay away from chemical body and hair products as much as I can.

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