Using a ring organiser to lose weight – Part 5

Hi All! It’s been a while since we’ve had a Filofax Project post, but Paula is back today with her fifth and final post for The Diet Project! There are a few more projects ongoing, so stay tuned for more posts!

This Is Not The End Of My Diet Only The End Of The Beginning

Well here we are at post number five of my diet project.  As well as giving you all the facts and figures about my diet and weight loss I think I should also let you know how my Filofax setup has worked out for me in this final post.  

The best part of my setup was clearly my food diary which allowed me to look at what I was eating.  What I was eating did change over the time period of the project.  Initially as you know I was eating a lot of fruit which was a healthy option but contained too much sugar.  Also I was eating rather a lot of rice and potatoes.  Not reflected in my diary was the fact that many of my portion sizes were too large. Unfortunately for me in the beginning eating less was very hard so my weight loss was non-existent.  Below you can see my recent food diary which reveals what I’ve been eating.  I’ve had virtually no potatoes, less rice and healthier snacks of pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and much smaller amounts of sultanas.  As well as my food diary I have included a number of photographs I have taken to show you exactly what I’ve been eating.

My Food Diary
(1) My Food Diary

Porridge & Filofax
(2) Porridge & Filofax

Lentil & Butter Bean Soup
(3) Lentil & Butter Bean Soup

Quorn Chicken & Vegetables
(4) Quorn Chicken & Vegetables

I found my weight loss chart a hindrance more than a help, in the beginning it was a constant reminder of the fact that I wasn’t losing weight.  Fantastic to look at when the line is going down but not so great when the line is going up.  Here is the good news; I’ve managed to lose approximately 9 pounds since my last post.  That makes a weight loss of 14 pounds in total if you ignore the 3 pound that I put on.   

Weight Loss
(5) Weight Loss

The diary was not always helpful either.  I felt I had no control of my eating habits and the diary was a reminder of all I was failing to achieve in my diet.  I felt extremely powerless to change the problems that were occurring.  The anxiety which I suffered at this time was not helping me either.  Thankfully the anxiety has gone and my weight loss continues to be positive.  Here you can see my recent diary thoughts.

My Diary
(6) My Diary Week

I hope that my weight loss will continue and I will do everything in my power to try and see that it does.  For me personally my diet is not a choice, I must continue to watch what I eat for the rest of my life. Cholesterol and triglycerides now that I am older will make what I eat very restrictive.  

As I have said this is my last post but it is not the end of my diet, only the end of the beginning and I am more than happy to do a post from time to time to keep you updated on my dieting progress.  

Thank you all so very much for your support.

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