Using a ring organiser to lose weight – Part 4

Hello lovelies! I know the posts seem to be winding down for The Filofax Project, but Paula is back today with her fourth installment!

Finally Some Weight Loss

I am pleased to tell you that I’ve at last lost some weight. I’m going to be completely honest with you and try to explain why I’ve found it so hard to lose weight. Unfortunately over the past year I have suffered very badly from anxiety and stress.  Part of the reason for this is my age, I’m at that time of life when my body is ‘changing’ and I’ve found it exceptionally difficult to cope with.  On top of that I have a number of long term health issues in the mix as well.  No matter how hard I tried the dieting was difficult.  The problems that helped prevent me from losing weight have now contributed to my recent weight loss.  Also this week I had to have my cat Felix put to sleep which added to the anxiety and stress I was already under.  

Despite all my problems I suppose I should be grateful that I didn’t really put much weight on.  I only gained a couple of pounds which now I’ve lost and more.  As I’ve mentioned before I do try and avoid sugar as much as I can, however in the past few weeks I did succumb to some New York cheesecake, rather a large amount. That said I didn’t let the lapse deter me from my diet and start eating desserts and cake every day because then I would start to put more weight on.

Now that I’ve said all that here’s my diary pages from recent weeks.  You can see some my difficult times but also some days when the diet focus has been more positive.

1 My Diary
Here’s my food diary showing what I’ve been eating over the past week.  I’m not one for counting calories but more for focusing on and reducing my portion sizes. Unfortunately I haven’t weighed my portions and recorded them in my Filofax so it must be difficult for you to visualise exactly how much I’m eating. Perhaps in my next post I could post some images of my meals so you can see exactly what I’m eating.

2 My Food Diary
This is a page that I never thought I would get to show, weight loss.  As you can see I’ve lost 5 pounds plus the 2-3 pounds I put on.  The line going up was not great to see but the line going down was fantastic.

3 Weight Loss
Losing weight even when you’re positive can be so difficult.  If I’m overweight I always try to take advantage of not wanting to eat much.  I know that my lack of appetite won’t continue so I don’t need to worry about not eating properly long term.  Although I’m not eating very much I am eating healthily.

Now that I’ve started to losing some pounds hopefully my weight loss will kick in normally.  By the time of my next post I hope to be able to report even further positive results.

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