Using a ring organiser to lose weight – Part 3

Paula is back today with her third installment of The Diet Project! I know Paula was hoping to have lost more weight by this point, but I am motivated by her perseverance to continue despite not seeing results. I hope things turn around for you soon, Paula!

Well it’s been a few weeks now since my last post but unfortunately my weight has remained the same.  Of course I’m still going to show you my diary and some other bits and pieces from my Amazona but I’m also going to tell you more about how I initially lost weight not dieting but just cutting out sugar and reducing carbohydrate.  Sugar is just as much to blame for weight gain as fat.

First of all I’ll give you a recap of my problems with triglycerides.  Approximately four years ago I went to my doctor about the problems I was experiencing with statins. The doctor told me that my cholesterol was fine but my triglycerides which should be no higher than 1.7 were 8.2.  High triglycerides can cause sudden heart attacks and with mine being such a high number I was very worried.  The doctor gave me medication but I also had to change my diet to bring my numbers down. No fizzy drinks with sugar, cut right back on chips and potatoes, no sweets or chocolate, no biscuits or cake and less sugar.  Cutting back in the beginning was easier because I was so worried.  It’s more difficult now because certain health problems make me prone to want more carbs and sugar.

Sugar, My Downfall
Avoiding sugar can be difficult for many dieters.  Advertisers often present dieters with a fat free myth, that just because something is virtually fat free it’s a healthier option.  Sadly this isn’t true, in many cases less fat equals more sugar which gives similar weight problems.  All this excess sugar makes your glucose levels rise sharply and fall quickly.  This in turn makes you hungry again very quickly, creating a vicious circle of eating.

Eating breakfast every day is an excellent principle to follow but unfortunately virtually all cereals have added sugar.  Cereals such as Sugar Puffs have got to be a dieters nightmare, 100 grams of Sugar Puffs has about 35 grams of sugar.  Muesli can though be an excellent choice with its nuts, seeds and oats.  Once again you have to be aware of how much sugar has been added.  I personally opt for a sugar free cereal such as porridge which I then add blueberries or cinnamon to, instant oats are excellent because the portion size is just about right.  Bitesize Shredded Wheat with banana, raspberries, or strawberries also makes a good breakfast.  With all my cereal I personally opt for skimmed milk because of my lactose intolerance.  Fruit smoothies can also be good when I fancy a tasty change.  Fresh fruit with soya milk or Greek yoghurt is also great for a treat, I don’t have it too often because of the natural fruit sugar.

When avoiding sugar you might also need to be aware that it can hide behind other names such as:

    •    Mannitol – Produced via fructose            
    •    Glucose – Can be derived from starch
    •    Honey – Very sugary
    •    Lactose – Milk sugars
    •    Fructose – Fruit sugars
    •    Sorbitol – Found in fruit
    •    Corn syrup – Derived from maize
    •    Malt – Grains
    •    Malt extract – Grains
    •    Sucrose – Sugar cane & Sugar beet
    •    Maltose – Partly glucose
    •    Rice syrup – Derived from rice
    •    Rice extract – Derived again from rice
    •    Molasses – Can be a by-product of sugar cane and sugar beet – often dark in colour
    •    Golden syrup – Again derived from sugar cane and sugar beet but lighter in colour
    •    Invert sugar – Often a mix of glucose and fructose

Now it’s time for an update with a look at my Amazona and how things have been progressing with my diet project.

My Diary Pages
I’ve had plenty of fruit again this week but also overindulgence in carbohydrates.  The hardest part I’ve always found about any diet is giving 100% when you’re cutting back but not seeing any positive results for it.  It’s so easy to lose your focus.  Lack of sleep seems to also have a bad effect.  Some nights I’ve slept for an hour and a half and eventually get up.  Unfortunately my stomach thinks it’s time to eat and refuses to take no for an answer.

My Food Diary
Looking at the diary I’d say it looks okay.  I suppose I could also say I could have done better and been stricter with myself but as I said sometimes my stomach refuses to take no for an answer.

Apologies once again because my lack of weight loss.  I am though trying to remain positive and hopefully my next post will reveal the results I’m aiming to achieve.

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