Using a ring planner to further your career – Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of the Career Project This time round we are taking a closer look at the next and final two sections of my Career Project binder.

Section 5: Skills

The skills section has several purposes. Primarily, it lists the skills that I need to develop and how I am going to develop them.

At the front I have the list of skills required for the DREAM JOB. These are the Skills I need to develop or get to a certain standard. On the second page I have my list of desirable skills. By desirable I mean Skills I want to develop such as AWESOME coding skills.

part 4 career project
Following my skills list I then have my Skill Development Plans – this is usually 1 plan per skill to target. During my weekly review of my career journal I also take the time to review my skill development plans and schedule in my “Actions” into my Planner.

The Skill Development Plan sets out the goals, the action steps and tracks my progress all in one plan – much like my goals pages.

Section 6: Job Hunting

The final section is “Job hunting” as I mentioned in my first post – Just because you love your job does not mean you should be ignoring the market. Here I keep tabs on my DREAM COMPANIES TO WORK FOR (some of them are so ridiculous while others are more realistic). I keep relevant information and a copy of any job descriptions that I come across – particularly if I am not their ideal candidate yet – so I know what they are looking for.

For any jobs that I do feel like I could apply for I also take the opportunity to match up their job description and my Job History  (which is why I keep a Job History Section for easy reference). The planner section of course keeps track of deadlines and interview dates and the like.

Part 4 - Insert
The final section in my ‘Job Hunting’ includes my post-interview checklists. These are vital inserts which help me learn and grow with each interview that I have. I am sharing a copy of this insert on my blog so please feel free to download your own 6 page post-interview checklist.

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