Using a ring planner to track your reading – Part 5

Tina is here for her final installment of The Book Project. This has been a very enlightening read (pun fully intended) and I think this system is a great use of a binder for any bibliophile!

The Book Project – It’s almost becoming a natural thing to do!

Okay I need to start my blog with a confession, I did not complete each of the pictures and write ups for my Filofax library as I finished each book this week.  I have been very busy with stitching and so had to draw them all up tonight, it just shows how much time I spend on these drawings as the full set of three took me over half an hour.  It wasn’t just the drawing it was the remembering what the books were called!

The three books that I have read this time seem to have no common thread but I have enjoyed each one all the same.

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I’ve gone back to Neil Gaiman who in my opinion is one of the master story tellers of the age. I first introduced him in blog number 3, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is his newest offering.  I love how Neil Gaiman weaves folklore with the real world and in this book we get it in spades.  The narrative is written through a childs eye told by the child who is now a grown man (if that makes sense!), it is a story of how to get through this life we often need the help of others and how to get where we are many of the people around us will have made little sacrifices.

My second book has taken me to the Scottish Highlands it is called God’s Highlander and is by E V Thompson.  The period of the Scottish Clearances is a new piece of history to me, in this book we learn about the way the clearances changed people’s lives and how it split families.  It is the story of a man returning to his island to preach and bring the community together.  The descriptions of the small crofts and the contrasting ways of life on the island really bring home the harsh reality of the times.  I will be reading more from this author.

My final book entered me into a surreal world of drug dealing and hippopotamuses.  A young boy lives in a house he can hardly ever leave as it would not be safe, his dad is a big drug dealer and so the boys life remains in the walls of the house.  Imagine being able to have anything you want but not being able to share it with kids of your own age.  He loves hats and facts and Samurai swords.  It’s fast paced even though he is trapped in a home that is really his prison.
So this is what I have read this time.  It would really be great for me if you could tell me what book you are reading and also what Filofax you use so that I can add this info to my very scientific database and in my final post bring you the findings of whether the Filofax you use dictates your reading preferences.

I am in the middle of the busy selling time in the world of tapestry and so the next books I have lined up all relate to getting things done and building your business plan – hope they are not as dull as they sound!

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