Filofax spotted in the wild again

Here are some more photographs of the ancient binder belonging to my boss, the CEO of the company for which I work.

This organiser is battered, stuffed, well-used, and he is never without it. He did say the other day though, that the popper cover has come off and the mechanism behind it is a bit sharp and could potentially cut his fingers. It is not one that you could cover with the head of a drawing pin, sadly.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Janet, suggest to your boss he either put a bead of clear hotglue on the exposed metal of the popper or paint it with clear fingernail polish. Should do the trick!

  2. It looks beautiful. It seems to be one of the older Filofaxes. I have just a few ones and the other day, I had to throw one out because the glue had dried out and it completely fell apart… I was really surprised because even though it was one of the cheaper ones (it was a raspberry Metropol ones), I had bought it only a couple of years ago. I have some Filofaxes that I have had for well over 15 years and they are still in great shape, even the non-leather Filofaxes. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed by how quality has decreased… At least, you can’t really go wrong with a very basic Midori Traveler’s Notebook…

    1. The Metropols used to have a problem with the glue on the clasp drying out and separating, though they were the cheapest of the line at the time I think. I agree about the quality dropping but that is true of most brands these days, sadly, as they outsource production.

      1. That is exactly what happened! It still doesn’t put me off the brand. It makes me think about saving a bit more to get some of the nicer Filofaxes or some of the older ones, should I be lucky to find one on ebay!

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