Hurricane Fur Wizard – Review

The little travel one was a surprise but it is so compact and light.

Well, my Fur Wizard arrived last week and it is AMAZING!

It took a while to arrive but they were clear about that when I ordered. It cost €20 and shipping was free.

I didn’t realise that there would be two of them in the box – a full- sized one and a travel-sized one.  Which is a really nice idea.

This is after one tip into the holder – no fur left on the brush!

I had been saving up cat hair to test it on. My summer bedspreads are pure snowy white cotton with white embroidery. When I pack them away for winter, my cats always find them and sleep on them, leaving hairs behind. So instead of using my lint rollers on those bedspreads, I just left them so I could perform a test when my Fur Wizard arrived.

Unfortunately when the Wizard arrived I was so eager to test it that I ripped it out of the box and used it without taking a before photograph. It worked so quickly and so efficiently to remove the hairs, and one dip into the container removed all the fur that was on the brush. The hair did not all automatically end up in the little bottom holder but I don’t think I removed enough hair to fill it. I would imagine that if it was full it would all end up neatly at the bottom.

I will ‘save up’ fur for a while and do a demo for my blog in a few weeks. I just wanted to say – I definitely recommend!



Author: Janet Carr

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