I’ve gone mini-viral!

When I wrote my article last week about the menstruation art on the Stockholm underground, I expected somewhat of a backlash because I was conflicted as to whether I felt it was appropriate for subway stations.

Rather surprisingly, I was contacted by The Guardian, The Asian Times, and Taz.de asking if they could quote me and use my photographs.

The Guardian was the first to publish, and the comments seemed to be 50/50 for and against, showing the same conflict I had between openness and appropriateness. That was rather surprising because I felt that many more people would have been totally supportive of this exhibit.

Then followed the Asia Times which basically reproduced the Guardian article

And that was followed by Taz.de’s article, which uses my photograph

I was surprised that they found my article at all, but I imagine not many people from Sweden were writing about it in English and photographing it.

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  1. Fame at last eh? And well deserved too, well done.

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