This Bug’s Life discount on OliClips from OLIBLOCK on Etsy

A few months ago I wrote about Oliclip Floral clips, which I was really in love with. I didn’t buy any at that time because I wanted them all, couldn’t decide on just one or two and they are not cheap (though they do last forever and work amazingly well) plus they last so long that I already had all I needed.

Then I saw that Oliblock on Etsy had a 25% discount on them at the beginning of October and I pounced. I was lucky enough to buy my clips a few hours before the discount expired. They came a few days ago and I am in love! They are so so pretty. This photograph does not do them justice

I wrote an article on them the other day, after which Dan from Oliclip contacted me and offered me a 25% discount for all my blog readers. Here is how it works

All floral clips are 25% off with a $15 minimum purchase. The sale starts 11/7 12:01 AM PST and will end 11/12 11:59 PM PST. The code is THISBUGSLIFE. Click here to get to the shop

I am not sure but I would imagine that OLIBLOCK is having a clearance sale on this seasonal range in order to make space for a new selection of clips. Their turnover of styles is quite high, which makes any older styles impossible to find and collector’s items if you are a fan. So if you like these, I would recommend you pounce now as they may never come again.

And of course they would make great stocking stuffers/Secret Santa gifts/ and pressies for stationery lovers.

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