Keyrings are like buses….


A few months ago I lamented the lack of really nice keyrings. Suddenly I am discovering them all over the place!

I have been so happy with my Old Florence red leather and sterling silver keyring. It is one of those things that gives me pleasure every time I use it. Small smiles every day that add up to a good day.

Well, wouldn’t you just know it, when I browsed through my favourite pawn broker auction site, there was another one! Also very tarnished but going for almost nothing!

I pounced, and now I have a matching grey one for my spare keys. I have to have an extra set of keys at home because if workmen need to check anything or do anything when I am at the work, I leave my spare keys with a member of the housing association who then lets them in.

Here it is when I brought it home. Yellowed and tarnished but in excellent condition

And here it is next to my beloved red one. You can see the difference. My red one was like that when I got it too but it polished up really nicely.

And after a bath in silver dip and a polish with a silver cloth it was as good as new.

I think most people don’t realise this is 925 sterling silver so can be polished. They probably think it is tin and therefore beyond repair. Score!

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  1. Those are absolutely beautiful. You are very lucky.

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