Ali and Coco the snowy white Maine Coons


As I have written before, my daughter Amanda has a gorgeous Maine Coon called Ali.

Well, about six weeks ago, she got a new addition to the family – Coco! Coco is a 2 year old queen, a national champion who developed a uterine infection and had to be spayed. She joined the family and was instantly at home. Aren’t they beautiful!

They are moving gradually towards being the best of friends. I guess not everyone is as lucky as I was with Fluffy falling in love with Ziggy instantly, but I have seen worse dust-ups in my years with cats than when Coco and Ali came face to face for the first time. Coco is really chill which I think made a huge difference.

Find Coco and Ali on Instagram here

Ali back and Coco front
Coco and Ali


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet, I do love their Instagram account! I hope Amanda doesn’t find it strange that a lady in Boston is following her cats! This may sound weird, but it’s PEACEFUL looking at their photos! So beautiful are these two. Thrilled they are bonding.

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