Hobonichi Cousin and Thank you all cover

I used to use a Hobonichi Techo (A6) but have never used a Hobonichi Cousin (A5), because rings have always been my thing.

My planning system is generally very simple. I have bookings on one week on two page calendar, to do lists on another week on two page calendar, and brief notes on lined paper. Once everything is done I throw those pages away. I never plan my free time, just booking for work. That is why I like rings.

For the past few months however, my organisational needs for part of my life have changed. I have been renovating my apartment as well as selling things at a local auction house, on local online bulletin boards and online auction sites, at various vintage shops, and via my blog. For this I need to keep records of who is coming to do/collect things when, who I need to email, auction dates, what to list and post on each day, when I post things, where to meet people, and various running totals.

One of the swaps I did recently was with Susie D, who swapped her new Hobonichi Cousin for some of my writing mats, Oliclips and a latté!

What I like about the Hobonichi Cousin not only the lovely thin and light Tomoe River paper, but also that it has so many sections. There is a

  • yearly overview (where I write the days of upcoming auctions),
  • a monthly overview (where I list my total income from sales and expenditure for renovations)
  • a weekly schedule (where I have been writing times workmen are coming, appointments with buyers, due dates for valuation certificates to be ready, and blocking off times for listing items and dealing with emails.)
  • a daily schedule (here I write my to dos for each day as well as a record of what I list for sale and where).

Because it contains Tomoe River paper, it fits all this in a regular A5 sized book. If that is too big and heavy for you, there is also an Avec version that has two books of 6 months each.

I have been using the Hobonichi Cousin in my red lizard Filofax Flex Cover  – it fits perfectly and the layout is amazing, but I am hampered by the lack of a clasp. I could buy a second pen holder card and loop a pen through both (like the Hobonichi cover, see below), but the postage for that pen holder is horrendously high.

So, I bought this from Hobonichi. It is a Thank you all cover by Sebastian Masuda. There is a huge frenzy twice a year when there are new cover releases, but I seldom get involved in those kinds of things (too stressful) so neither of the covers I have are the in-demand ones.

This cover was created in collaboration with legendary art director and artist Sebastian Masuda. Masuda is the producer of the 6%DOKIDOKI shop that spurred the “Kawaii Culture” in Harajuku. In recent years, Masuda has become a prominent artist around the world with his distinct works bursting with color.

Thank You All is a cover with an all-over print, featuring the photograph of a piece Masuda created based on the Hobonichi Techo slogan, “This is my LIFE.” The thrilling piece is jam-packed with cute items such as a little house, a baby bottle lid, a starfish, ribbon, bicycles, toy blocks, waffles, flowers, the number 2… The list goes on! It’s fascinating to look through all the things in this piece.

The cover interior is a bright yellow, and the bookmarks are a neon yellow and neon green. The bookmark charms contain a circle and a square to evoke the feel of Masuda’s work.

There are also other things in the same range, which I really liked. I am usually not into patterns but something about this really tickled me. Something to pass the time when there are problems with my train!


All the photos come from the Hobonichi site, which is well worth a wander-around, even if only to look at the gorgeous layouts!


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