Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs

If you are an earplug wearer, I can really recommend these. I have been using them exclusively for about 16 years now.

I have trouble sleeping, and light and noise at night really bothers me.

I started wearing earplugs in about 1988 when I worked at a hotel and lived above the nightclub. Those earplugs came from the local military base shooting range and were the standard yellow foam ones.

After that I moved and I had a neighbour who loved to entertain in his garden, which was right below my bedroom window. I switched to wax earplugs, which I found worked better because they moulded to my ear.

When I moved to Sweden I could not find wax earplugs and I could never go back to the foam ones, so I switched to silicone. I found Macks and have never looked back.

I can wear a pair for about three nights before I have to replace them, they are comfortable, fit really well (I must have strangely shaped ear canals because earbuds and in-ear earphones always fall out) and can be used for swimming as well.

You can buy them in pairs of 4, 6, and sometimes 8 (buy 6 get 2 free). I buy the 6 packs in bulk on Amazon – usually about 8 boxes at a time.

and…..the little boxes from the 2 pack are perfect for keeping cotton buds in your makeup bag when you have finished the earplugs.  These little boxes never ever break. I have been using this box for years!

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  1. YES! Love it! I litearlly JUST wrote a blogpost about this! 🙂 we’re on the same wavelength 🙂

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  2. Oh I’m glad you said that your ear buds and ear phones fall out because mine do too. In my case I think I have one ear which is slightly different to the other and it’s even more difficult to wear an ear bud in that one. Also, I have to sit perfectly still to listen to my music! How ridiculous! On to ear plugs. I use a pair of foam ones sometimes when I ride my motorbike, and sometimes in supermarkets to block out the noise of noisy or unruly children, but foam ones aren’t the best. So, thank you, I shall look out for these Mack’s ones.

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