Leather Quill Shoppe Garrett TN covers

Photo: Mandy Bruner
Photo: Mandy Bruner

I wrote previously that I had bought a Garrett notebook cover using the lovely discount that Mandy and Brett had offered at the Leather Quill Shoppe in order to clear shelves before the new year. I had wanted a Garrett for ages and had particularly loved this one because of the shape of the band across the cover. Each one is one of a kind so I was really lucky that this particular one was still in stock.

Mandy and I had been talking for a few months about really thick leather, which is my preference, and she happened to have some really thick leather in stock, which they used to make me a matching cover. She and Brett actually offered to make me a prototype in thick leather instead of the one that was on sale, but I chose to get both.

Garretts in very thick leather had not previously been possible because regular rivets were not long enough, but LeatherQuill had recently obtained long rivets and were willing to give it a go. Now that is great customer service!  Mandy is great to deal with too – she feels like a friend from the first moment you contact her and is always willing to discuss leathers and covers, with no pressure to buy.

After some incredibly quick shipping, they landed on my doorstep yesterday. Well, I love! I have been binge-watching all the Indiana Jones movies on Netflix and noticed that Indy uses a battered old notebook with an elastic around it in The Lost Ark and a leather covered notebook in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. His father uses a leather bound diary in The Last Crusade.  They should really each have had one of these!

These two notebook covers complement each other – one in light leather with dark bands, and one in dark leather with light bands. The closure is ingenious. It holds the cover taut (but expands along the rivets to lie flat when opened) and fits regular sized pens. It is like nothing else on the market today and is Brett’s own design.

There is a slight weight difference between the two, but the lighter-coloured one is also a bit wider. The inside of the leather is also different – which I really like because now I have one of each!

This is the kind of cover that will take rough wear well, it will get better with age and it will stand up to a lot of use. It is also an ideal cover for a man. Or a woman like me that does not like frills and girlie things (except now and again!)

I really love these and I want to thank Mandy and Brett for going out of their way to make my little dream come true!








And here is a lovely video about Garden Scriptorium’s Garrett.

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  1. Just up your street, Janet, I reckon. I like the the Indiana Jones connection, too. My kind of thing, and my kind of thinking.

      1. Do you know when, and who the stars are? I’m not usually up with these things!

      2. Wikipedia says: In March 15, 2016, Walt Disney Studios announced that the fifth film will be released on July 19, 2019, with Ford reprising his role, Spielberg directing, Koepp writing and Kennedy and Marshall acting as producers. Marshall has stated that the film would be a continuation of the events following Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. On June 9, 2016, Spielberg confirmed that John Williams will be returning to compose the score.

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