Articulated silver tiger and gemstone armour rings

This silver ring comes from India, where it was made by an extremely skilled silversmith. It weighs upwards of 40g (I must have it weighed again as I can’t remember exactly).

I wore it to parties when I was (much) younger but nowadays it is a display item only. It runs from the tip of my middle finger to over my knuckles. It was made as an armour ring but I bought it because of the beautiful workmanship.

I have photographed the ring on a mannequin hand I bought on eBay for £3 (including shipping!) – I use it when I sell bracelets and rings. It is easy to photograph and people have a better idea of what I am selling. The only problem is that its fingers are bigger than mine. This ring goes on my middle finger and is a bit heavy for my ring finger.







I also have this gemstone and gold one from Turkey. This one I do wear fairly often, on my right hand ring finger. I generally wear no other jeweller and plain black with it, so that it is not too much. It is a beautiful ring, extremely comfortable to wear, and does not get in the way.




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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