Féret Parfumeur Le Baume and Hyalomiel


This is another French brand that I love – I mostly use the Le Baume balm on my dry lips, cuticles, fuzzy ends of my hair, but the Hyalomiel hand cream is fantastic during the day when my normal Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream would be too heavy to use on the run. It is a gel so absorbs quickly and is not highly perfumed. You only need a tiny amount. My one complaint is that I hate metal tubes because they get so crumpled up when you carry them around.

As far as I know, Féret Parfumeur has only one other product, Bloc Hyalin, a deoderant. I like companies that stick with a very small range of niche products. Elizabeth Arden, for example has an entire wide range of 8 Hour products now, due to the success of their 8 hour cream, but the only one I ever use is the original 8 hour cream. I have tried some of the others in the range (for example the body lotion and hand cream) but there is no reproducing the unique original product.

The Féret Parfumeur Family has a rich history in France:

  • 1878 : the Féret brothers, Lucien and Roger, succeeded their father, who had founded the company in 1865. They created a new company, Féret Frères, which ensured the distribution of big names such as Cutex, Pétrole Hahn, Nivea, Bourjois, Colgate, Odo-ro-no, Bayer …Féret Parfumeur was already making Bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel in France.
  • 1900 : Bloc Hyalin won three medals at the Paris Universal Exhibition. Bloc Hyalin was an essential product for barbers, hairdressers and dermatologists. Hyalomiel was a popular skin care treatment with many uses. At the time, it was used by the whole family and valued for baby care.
  • In the 1930s the Féret brand enjoyed world-wide prestige and the company employed more than 700 people in France and had several outlets overseas


Le Baume Balm

100% natural balm with organic Honey and Dandelion, rose powder 

Use of this Unique Balm will prevent chapping, cracked and dry, tight skin. 

At a time when we are looking for natural solutions without artificial ingredients, its completely natural ingredients Hydrate & Calm damaged skin.
It preserves the allure and softness of your Face, Lips & hands. It must be applied to dry skin : a light massage is enough for it to penetrate Repeat as often as necessary 

The Féret balm ensures Soft, Smooth skin 

Made in France 


Hyalomiel Hand Cream

Hyalomiel is a hyaline Jelly for your hands made with organic honey from the garrigue (the coast of France). Hyalomiel has a delicate scent of powdery rose fragrance that is enjoyable for both men and women. This hand treatment absorbs quickly, and has a wonderful feel. Hyalomiel has been nurturing beauty for over 100 years in France. Hyalomiel beautifully moisturizes, soothes, and refreshes. No synthetic process can replace the effect of the organic honey that makes Hyalomiel so unique. 

HYALOMIEL, Original 1919 Formula 
Hyalomiel maintains the softness and suppleness of your 
skin and is particularly recommended for the care of the 
hands and feet.

How to use
Use a small quantity of Hyalomiel and massage delicately 
into your hands or your feet. Your skin will be instantly 
moisturized, smoothed, softened and relaxed.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I love to see packaging like this, very retro, and a company proudly keeping to its heritage. The tin is especially so.

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