Sebastian Potion 9 – the 8 Hour Cream for Hair


Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream appears on every list of Cult Beauty Products or Classic Beauty Products or Best Beauty Products of All Time. To complete the previous sentence I just typed in the terms shown, without using 8 hour cream in my search terms. But voila! There it was!


It is a product created for Elizabeth Arden’s racehorses in 1930 – to treat their small ailments. It works to soften cuticles, to soothe chapping and windburn, for flyaway hair, as a face mask for very dry skin, on heels, knees and elbows. Can also be used as a lip balm, a lip gloss, and a cheek and eye gloss. One thing to note is that it is NOT a common or garden moisturiser. It has a very distinctive smell which many people do not like – although in the past few months there has been a fragrance-free option. It has a texture like axle grease. A tiny bit goes a long way and it is not something you can use as a facial moisturiser under makeup or as a body lotion. Though these products are now available in the range.

If you like 8 hour cream for your skin, you may like to try Sebastian Potion 9. Sebastian came out with some really groundbreaking products a few years ago – like Potion 9 and Potion 7 –  a fantastic pre-shampoo treatment.

Potion 9 is like 8 hour cream for hair. It has the same colour, a similar smell and a comparable versatility. It is a wearable treatment. So it works both as a leave -in conditioner and as a styling product. For curly hair it is absolutely brilliant. I have used it for about ten years and I love it (see pic of my hair below). I buy it in bulk! For finer hair there is a lighter version, but for curly hair that needs moisturising and to be tamed this is the biz!

It is easy to find and there are several sizes. Where I live it is common to buy the bigger one and get the smaller one free.


The light version

The version I use

The version I use

Small size in the old packaging - still available at places like TKMaxx at very cheap prices

Small size in the old packaging – still available at places like TKMaxx at very cheap prices

Large size of older packaging

Large size of older packaging

I have naturally curly hair, which loves Potion 9.

I have naturally curly hair, which loves Potion 9.

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  1. I love Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hour cream. I also use the 8-hour lip protectant stick. I’ve never tried Sebastian potion, so thanks for the recommendation!


  2. I’ve used Eight Hour Cream since l was a teenager on my lips every day, feet, hands and hair (before shampoo). Before that my mother used to massage my feet, knees and elbows with it when l was a baby/child.

    I have tried many other brands but l always return to it and keep some in my handbag.

    Thanks to you, Janet, l now feel like trying the hair product! Once again thank you for the information and for being a great source of inspiration.



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