Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak in Black

At the moment, Speckled Fawns on Etsy have a 35% off special on their black Rustic Kodiak leather covers. This is the last of the extremely popular black Kodiak leather so if you have been thinking about it, act quickly! Actually, by the time this is published, they may well be sold out, but you will probably still have a chance to get brown at 35% off – the last day is, I believe, Sunday 18th!


You can have regular Rustick Kodiak leather, or the extra rustic Coyote Ugly leather which has range marks, scars etc and is really beautiful.



The shop describes Kodiak as

Rugged, durable and beaming with natural character, this gorgeous oil-tanned leather is ideal for those who love to go on adventures- be it a trek into the mountains or a visit to your local cafe for a snack and some “Me” time. 

This leather ranges from smooth to pebbly and has natural markings that include scars and branding marks. It is soft and pliable, but still tough enough to weather exposure to the elements.

It patinas and ages beautifully over time and will definitely become an heirloom piece that can be passed down some day.

For a rustic version that includes scars, peekaboo holes and other unique distressing, please select Coyote Ugly Rustic in the drop down under Color.

If you prefer a straight edge pocket, please add that to seller notes upon checkout.

Elastic colors from the top are white, mint, sky blue, cobalt blue, navy blue, purple, black, brown, yellow, citrus, red, hot pink, forest green. 

Stitching from left to right black, hurricane blue, teal, fuschia, red, brown, cream, white. 


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Thank you for the write up Janet! For some reason black Kodiak has been in high demand; we cant seem to keep it in stock. The last I heard the tannery was no longer making this leather.

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