I hate buying shoes!

Unlike many women, I don’t have a thing for shoes. Handbags yes, but shoes, no. If I could, I would have just one pair of boots, one pair of ballet flats and one pair of sandals. I hate looking for shoes, I hate wearing in shoes, I hate it when shoes wear out and you cannot find anything to replace them.


Today I had to force myself to throw these beloved Mango riding boots out, because I knew if I did not, I would keep on wearing them and they were truly too worn out to wear. As I did, I felt so sad, because I loved them and have never been able to replace them. I have been telling myself for months that I just cannot wear them anymore, but every time I was heading out the door, I just put them on.

I bought them on the Mango Christmas sale in about 2003. They were the only pair and I loved the way they looked. Flat, pull-on, light, fitted round my calves and ankles (so few boots do, because I have thin legs) and they only cost about €20. I could wear them in both smart and casual situations, with jeans, trousers, skirts, or shorts, with my trousers tucked in or pulled over the top. They did not leak, did not slip on ice, and I could walk in them for up to 18km a day and they still felt like clouds.

I had them resoled over and over again but in the end the leather just wore out. It was waxed leather and the surface ended up looking like sandpaper. They were disgraceful.

I am now trying to wear these ones in as a replacement. They are Frye Veronica Back Zip boots. They are gorgeous thick leather but quite heavy and big in the calf, even though I have adjusted them. They are also not as versatile because they are quite heavy duty. Hopefully they will soon bend to my will, but I cannot see myself ever being able to replace my beloved Mango boots.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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