Wonderful Orla Kiely TN storage from Linda S


This has been on my Blog To Do list for ages but I have finally gotten down to taking the photographs.

Linda S sent this to me as a totally unexpected gift a couple of years ago. When it arrived in the mail it was the best surprise ever!

I have always loved Orla Kiely prints. I trained as a teacher in Ireland and I used to ogle all the beauties but never bought one. I am delighted to finally have something Kiely

This is absolutely perfect for all my personal size TN  storage.

I carry a personal sized TN with me every day. It holds all my personal stuff –

  • wish lists
  • lists of little treats to buy myself if I am having a bad day
  • personal to do lists
  • books to read
  • products I want to try
  • health tracking
  • habit tracking
  • journal.
  • clothes I need to buy
  • shops I want to visit

If I have any quiet time during the day I often sit and fill it in. It helps centre me because with my job and my days, I often forget about myself. I don’t eat properly, I forget to take my vitamins, for example.

I hate shopping for clothes so I have a list of ‘gaps’ in my wardrobe, so if I do go shopping I try to buy things to fill those gaps, rather than buying something I already have ten of (like black t shirts), which is what I usually tend to do.

So this little beauty holds my

  • full booklets that I want to keep
  • new booklets (with the labels still around them)
  • spare elastics
  • kraft folders
  • stickers, clips, charms
  • pens
  • plastic pouches
Lovely gold hardware and two sets of double zips. The case is made of waxed cotton so it is durable and waterproof.


This holds my TN, some OliClips and a folder full of stickers and spare elastics to hold the book together.
The back zipped pocket holds brass paper clips, stencils, rulers, pens and charms
All my old and new books, spare elastic, spare kraft folders and (not shown) my brass Midori pencil case slips in at the front.

This case would also be perfect for storing beauty products of all kinds. It is perfectly designed!

And a final note about my inserts. I always use inserts by YellowPaperHouse on Etsy. I tend to use the teal or the rainbow ones in lined, black, and tiny grid. The paper is lovely, the books are very well made and the customer service is great.

Thank you Linda!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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