ICE Pet card from DysfunksjonellDesign on Etsy


This one came to me from Shamini at DysfunksjonellDesign on Etsy.

It is really nice – a perfect size and shape for a wallet or the credit card slots in a ring binder or traveler’s notebook.

What I really like is that you can have the information pre-printed on the card, and choose whether you want it to be punched for different sizes of binder. I chose a very small format and it is perfectly legible.


Shamini is always lovely to deal with so I can definitely recommend! See the link to her shop in the first paragraph of this article.

The terribly sad fate of many pets after 9/11 haunts me. They starved to death in their homes because either no one thought to check on them or people did not know they needed help. In many cases, a card like this would not have helped during 9/11, but in most, it would have. So I will forever be thankful that I can carry one with me, because my animals are a very important part of my family and I need to know that I am trying my utmost to help them if something should happen to me. They are even in my will!




Categories: Animals, Filofaxes and other ring organisers, Midori and other Traveler's Notebooks

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