Extra Wide SpeckledFawns TN in Teal Horween


I really like the Extra Wide size because it is wider than a regular size and narrower than an A5. Not too big and not too small. Terri from SpeckledFawns really does lovely work. Her extra wide spine options are perfect for me because I like flat spines and lots of inserts. Naturally she has other choices for those who are not overstuffers like I am.

This leather is divine – soft and the beautiful teal colour almost glows. My inserts are teal inserts by YellowPaperHouse on Etsy, which is where I buy 99% of my inserts. I have both aqua and teal and the teal is a perfect match for the Teal Horween leather. Terri actually took the time to recommend which colour would match best and she had it spot on!






If the Teal Horween does not float your boat, how about Snickerdoodles?

IMG_8859 IMG_8855

Or Black Cherry Boulevard? (now unobtainable but they do come up for sale now and then)


IMG_8274 (1)

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  1. Could you explain what 1″ and 1.5″ spines are please thanks in advance

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    • That is the width of the spine from side to side. The wider the spine, the more elastics, and the more inserts you can fit. The spine makes it flat so the books sit flush. No spine means the spine is curved and the books curve around the spine.
      1″ spine has 4 bands.
      1.5″ spine has 6 bands.
      No spine has 4 bands.
      ….and I always have 2″ spine with 8 bands.


  2. I am dying for A5 – you have exquisite taste. This I know…we love all the same things! 😉

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  3. Thanks so much Janet; I love the outside pocket so much I’m going to make it an option for the teal this month. Your photos are super luscious. 😀

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    • That external pocket makes a huge difference – I love them! And I just take photos with an old iPhone so it is your gorgeous covers that are super luscious Terri – I love each and every one of them with a passion!


  4. I’ve seen SpeckledFawns’ work around Etsy, and it looks beautiful. Is the textured leather softer, Janet? I have arthritis in my hands and need something with some “grip” to it. A lot of the stiff, smooth leathers make my hands when I have to grip them too hard in order to keep hold of them. And the spine work requires contacting them to customize it like this, I assume, to get so many inserts into one notebook? Beautiful work–love the Snickerdoodle, and the teal is gorgeous. I get many refills from YellowPaperHouse, too–they do great stuff.

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    • The Snickerdoodles and the Kodiak are textured leathers so you don’t need to grip them hard to keep a hold of them. You can also request pebblier, thicker, firmer hide, which I do with the textured leathers. You can choose between different spine widths. Mine are all 2″, which is the maximum, and they have 8 elastics. You can choose a stitched or an unstitched spine. I always choose stitched. You can choose different colours for the elastics and the stitching as well. So if you prefer fewer inserts, a plain round spine and coloured elastic, you can just specify in your order. Either from the drop-down menu or in a note to seller. Hope this helps!


      • Thanks, Janet. It does help. I’m always mainly concerned with the leather texture and stiffness, first and foremost, because of my hands. I’ve got a few TNs that are useless to me because I didn’t do my due diligence. They’re lovely, but I can’t use even the little ones because I didn’t have the foresight to check first. Lesson learned!

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  5. Are these more new purchases? Or is one just having a little review of the stock cupboard, hee hee?


  6. Loving the outside slip pocket and that teal is gorgeous!

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