SpeckledFawns SnickerDoodles in Caramel


I have a personal sized SnickerDoodles from Terri at SpeckledFawns on Etsy. It is absolutely amazing. I fell in love the moment I laid my eyes on it.

I like stitched covers in thick pebbly brown leather with reinforced square spines that can take 8 – 14 booklets, and these fit the bill perfectly. I also like internal pockets in my covers. If you don’t want as many elastics or a stitched spine, you can just choose these options when you buy your cover.

A reinforced square flat spine means that if you have a great number of booklets, they sit flush against the spine instead of curving outwards. It looks really neat and there is no risk of overhang or booklets getting bent.

SnickerDoodles leather reminds me of Mulberry Darwin, Gillio Epoca and Van Der Spek Janet Leather. It is textured and thick, and it will patina with age.

Here is my personal size





I was so delighted with this one that I bought a regular sized one as well. Also with 2″ stitched spine and 8 elastics.




And here they are together. There are many options for stitching and elastics but I just go with the basics and I changed the elastics myself for lime green and watermelon pink.  Neutral contrast stitching means that I can change to whatever colour elastics I want whenever I want. I like stitching on a cover because I think it really adds a quality finishing touch.






Terri’s shop is here. At the moment she is dealing with a huge volume of orders so she closes the shop periodically in order to be able to execute orders and communicate with customers. She often has discounts and there is one at the  moment – AUGUSTTHANKYOU20 – which will be valid for 5 days after the shop opens again. It is valid for all purchases over $40.

To see what other beauties there are out there, have a look in the SpeckledFawns Facebook Group. There is also a Buy, Sell and Trade Facebook Group.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Thanks so very much for the detailed review Janet. I always enjoy the photos and how you change up the elastics. The colors of the inserts and elastics really pop with the brown.

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