ICE pet cards to keep in your wallet, TN or ring organiser


Do you, like me, worry about what will happen to your pets if something happens to you and you are unable to communicate, or worse?

If so, ICE (in case of emergency) cards that fit into your wallet, planner, ring organiser or traveler’s notebook, are perfect. They could be credit card sized, punched or unpunched, or even dashboard sized.

One on side they have an explanation and on the other side they have contact details.

This one was made for me by the wonderful Cathy – printed, cut out, placed in self-sealing repositionable lamination-like envelope. Wasn’t that wonderfully kind? And the best part? That is my very own little Ziggy in the photograph!!!

I had to do the sealing and the cutting of the pouch myself and it was easy peasy. I am left handed and cack-handed when it comes to cutting things and I managed like a champ!

IMG_4027 (1)

If you don’t feel that handy, a friend of mine, in response to my plea, has made this an option available in her Etsy shop. (Click link to get to the shop)



You can also buy them here



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  1. Fantastic! Making one this very day. I’ve made arrangements for my furry and feathered companions should I die, but never thought of an ICE for them. Thank you.

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  2. What a great idea!

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