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I don’t have a floordrobe because I am too boring.

My clothes are all similar in style and colour, and the ones I wear during the week are all sorted into outfits on a clothes rail in my spare room/library/office/extra closet.

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I can just take anything off here and it coordinates with everything else. I tend to organise all my outfits for the working week on a Sunday (1 outfit per hanger) and have them on the left side of the rail. After one wear they go into the laundry baskets (one for whites, one for colours) which are just out of frame.

Laundry day is very simple as my clothes are not complicated and are all washable. I do my laundry every Saturday afternoon while blogging. We have a communal laundry room in the basement so I get four industrial size washers, two industrial size tumble driers, two hot closets and one hand washing basin. It takes about 90 minutes.


You book by putting a cylinder into one of the booking slots. More modern laundry rooms have electronic booking systems but ours is manual. If you don't want to book a time, you 'park' your cylinder at the bottom. Each cylinder has your apartment number on it.
You book by putting a cylinder into one of the booking slots. More modern laundry rooms have electronic booking systems but ours is manual. If you don’t want to book a time, you ‘park’ your cylinder at the bottom. Each cylinder has your apartment number on it.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I do the washing as needed! Normally about 2-3 loads one after another. We have a couple of rotary washing lines in the garden, but we generally only need to use one of them. In the summer things dry quite quickly in the sun.

    We have an airing cupboard, a cupboard in our hallway which has slatted shelves and a couple of low power heaters at the bottom which are controlled by a thermostat higher up inside the cupboard. We keep all our bedlinen and towels in the cupboard. And stuff that comes in off the line goes in here for a day or two before being put back in to wardrobes and drawers.

    Shirts/blouses get hung on hangers until I get around to doing the ironing. I used to do it every Sunday night… but it can happen any time in the week these days and I catch up on You Tube videos or Podcasts whilst doing that!

      1. Years of practice! I started doing it when I left home, mainly for a peaceful existence in the place I was living at the time. Just continued on from there I suppose. 🙂

  2. I also usually do my laundry at the week-ends though it can vary.

    As l live in a house l am lucky to be able to hang my laundry to dry in the garden from March to late October or early November. Only the white items dry in the drying room zs l don’t want them to get yellowish because of the sun.

    Is it common to have a communal laundry room in Sweden? I have never heard about them in France though l’ve lived in different apartments in different cities. Can’t you have your own washing machine and dryer? Personally l wouldn’t like to use common washers as it means you are not free to do your laundry when you want and share the washers with the others. Also is it expensive?
    On the plus side of your system you don’t have to get the washers fixed when broken or renew them when obsolete!

    1. Communal laundry rooms are common in apartment blocks in big cities here in Sweden. They are free of charge to use, and all maintenance and repair is done by an external contractor. The machines are also really nice ones, and big. We also have an industrial one where you can wash carpets. In addition to the machines you also have ironing machines and large tables to fold your clothes. My laundry room has a small library where you can take books or magazines.

      I could have my own washer and drier in my apartment but then, because I own the apartment, I would have to buy them and pay for all maintenance and repairs myself. My bathroom is quite small so I had a choice between a bathtub or a washer/drier. I chose the bathtub. My bathroom is also a wet room and I didn’t like the idea of electrical equipment in a wet room.

      You are so lucky to be able to hang your washing outside – I love that sunshine smell everything has after being in the sun!

  3. What is a “hot closet”, please?

    Sure wish my old landlords had been organized enough to do this. Every time I wanted to do laundry, I’d load up a basket and run down 3 floors to the basement. It was hit-or-miss. More often than not, someone would leave their clothes in one (or both) of the washers unattended for hours, and I would have to either wait, come back another day, or risk the wrath from my neighbor for removing their clothes from the washer so I could use it. Laundry time was anywhere from two hours to all day running up and down the stairs this way. No place to sit and read. Trust me-I jumped like startled cat at the first apartment that offered me a closet with a washer and dryer hook-up.

    1. I know the feeling! I would love a washer-drier in my bathroom but I chose a lovely big bathtub instead! It does happen here in Sweden that a person is inconsiderate but there are very strict rules about laundry room behaviour so you just take the clothes out if someone has exceeded their time. I think that is where the booking system is good. Everyone gets x amount of time to be done.

      A hot closet is a drying cupboard that has rails on it where you can hang clothes that won’t do so well being tumbled. Hot air circulates around the clothes.

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