My Midori Traveler’s Notebook collection


I have had some of these for some years now.

The oldest and most used one is the Regular Size brown one. It has marks but also has a nice patina coming.

The black one is, surprisingly, my favourite one. I am not normally a fan of black and I usually go for brown instead, but this one is really nice. It feels and looks the best out of all of them and has worn the best.

All of them are branded Midori except the blue one, which is the newest and is branded Traveler’s Notebook.

There are quite a few I don’t have (the new Camel regular size, the Camel 5th Anniversary regular size, as well as the Highway Edition from Japan)







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  1. I have regular size in brown which I really like, and is in use currently. Also, the blue with various matching inserts, but this is just for looking at occasionally. Then I have a passport size in black, which I also really like, and use regularly when I want the smaller format. Additionally I have two Fauxdori, but the real things are by far and away the best for quality, in my opinion.

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  1. Midori/Traveler’s Company vs. ‘fauxdoris’ – Janet Carr @

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