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  1. This is so accurate. Who wrote it please?

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    • I am actually not sure. I received it in a bundle of letters that were really moving and powerful. I have done a search but there is no source, just (literally) hundreds of places where it exists, from Reddit, to flickr, to other blogs, to suicide prevention sites. Sadly, the original author will probably (and may want to) remain anonymous, but I like to think that their words have helped others feel they are not alone. It really spoke to me and I know many others feel the same way.


  2. The hardest part is being told “just get out of the water”. It’s impossible, because it isn’t that simple. It’s why you’re there in the first place!

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  3. I can so relate. There’s also that part where somehow it feels like the current, or basically everything, is your fault anyway. Thanks for sharing this.

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  4. Sadly, this is me. I say it’s like trying to walk knee-deep in boggy mud; I can sure relate and struggle through it with the author of this writing. Bless you.

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  5. This is apt. I’ve likened my depression to walking through molasses. Very similar. Also, dark, dark thoughts.

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