Different weights of Tomoe River paper – 52gms vs. 68gms


I have Tomoe River paper notebooks from Nanami, Curnow and CrazyOrganized. The paper in these notebooks is 52gms. This is very thin and sort of glassy. I love it but find I have to be really really careful with it as it crumples so easily if you handle your book a little carelessly – even by accident. Curnow bookbinding offers cream or white TR 52gms paper and I really love the cream. If offered a choice, I always take cream paper over white.

Fountain pen ink also stays wet on the surface for a while so blotting paper is a must, particularly with very wet ink. There is show through on the reverse because the paper is so thin, but that does not really bother me – though I know other people find it a dealbreaker. I don’t use this paper in books that I carry around in my bag and have to open and close in a hurry. This Tomoe River 52gms  is very light and thin though so you can get 500 pages in a book the thickness of a regular 250 page book (see below). I absolutely adore it though because it is so light and thin. I do always use a writing board under this paper to prevent pressure marks showing through on the paper underneath.


I have recently tried Tarokoshop’s alternative which is 68gms and I loved it. This like the Midori lightweight paper. It is more durable, hardy and yet still very light. You don’t have to be careful with this paper. The book below is graph paper which I love for graphing and bullet journalling. I love this notebook and I can really recommend Steve’s customer service. Find the book below here. It also comes in dot grid.




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