Midori Airport Edition Traveler’s Notebook


I know they have changed name but I still like using Midori because that was the first traveler’s notebook I ever had.

This one is the airport edition. I bought it on eBay but you can also find it at airports in Japan. I am not sure if it is all airports but definitely at Narita.

I have Midoris in  brown regular size, a limited edition 5th anniversary Star Ferry passport size, and a blue limited edition regular size.

It was very well wrapped and, as they all do, came with a spare elastic and a cotton pouch. The inserts is nicely designed with cream paper and gold lettering on the cover.

This would make a fantastic gift for both a man and a woman and it is good old Midori but with an extra little kick to it.



Here is another one in this collection, the Highway Edition


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello Janet, I’m considering getting a Midori. Do you think the leather is worth the money? Do you think its worth $40-45? I don’t know much about leather

    1. It depends what you want. If you would like the original, floppy, genuine Midori and like leather that marks very quickly and easily, then you can’t go wrong. But for people who like to use more elastics, different sizes, and more durable leather (e.g. full grain), then I would try somewhere like Etsy where you can find things that are much cheaper.

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