Hilarious Amazon reviews

When I am trying to decide whether to buy something or to visit a city or an attraction, I hardly ever read the company’s own blurb about the product or paid product placement in magazines.

I tend to read customer reviews, take the ones at the extreme end of the spectrum with a pinch of salt, and go with the majority. There is nothing like word of mouth recommendation about a product. In many many cases, if people have paid hard-earned money for something they are far more likely to give an honest review than someone who received something in return for a review.

One thing that is funny about Amazon though is that sometimes the reviews for the product are far more interesting than the product itself.

Take this one for a sex swing (!). Someone recommends it for washing large dogs! I probably shouldn’t have but I broke out in peals of laughter at the thought of the neighbours seeing this person’s Saint Bernards swinging from a tree while being washed!




Then you have this fantastic series of reviews for the Bic pen designed specially for women ‘Bic for Her’ – seriously, whose bright idea was that anyway?



Bic pens for her costumer reviews


A banana slicer








Three-Wolf t shirt




How to Avoid Huge Ships






And then we have Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream (read at your own risk)

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  1. Do NOT read the Hair Removal one at work. I have tears running down my face trying to strangle my laughter!

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  2. Hahahahahahaha! The hair removal one makes me howl with laughter every time!

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  3. Love reading these very creative reviews! Hahah😂😂

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  4. I was cautious and it paid off. I put my drink down before starting to read this 🙂

    I often read reviews and there are some real gems to be found.

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  5. Great stuff 🙂

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  6. Seriously – this has got to be your best blog post by far! I almost peed myself laughing!!!

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  1. More hilarious Amazon reviews – Janet Carr @

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