OliClips and a note that made my day!

I have written about Oliclips before – see my previous articles here. I made another order about a week ago because I love the small metallic clips and the limited editions sell out fast.

They arrived yesterday and I was thrilled – plus there were four extra clips in the parcel (3 small and a big) with a note that I am sure accidentally ended up there, but which absolutely made my day – possibly my week! I have had a difficult week and these came on the Friday of that difficult week, making me beam and glow for the first time!

I can recommend the shop because service is good, quick and reliable, they have great specials and the product is fantastic. Something I really like about this seller though is that the clips are so beautifully packages with nice embossed paper included. A very professional outfit.


How I keep my spare Oliclips – on my fridge!
The four sets I bought plus four



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello Super Planne Queen, do your humble subjects have to curtsy now? That must have cheered you up after a rough week.

    1. It really did! I was delighted because they must have recognised me from my name. I never tell people I am a blogger when I buy, or ask for discount or anything like that.

  2. Also, if you don’t know of where to locate a Bromley, I would be interested in any vintage Filofax travel wallet. I am obsessed with Filofax and Van der Spek!!!

    1. I think that the internet is the only place now really, as Filofax has closed their shops in London. Steve Morton got a black one about a week or so ago. Keep an eye out on eBay, Adspot and the sales pages. Another lovely travel wallet is the Journey – I am sorry I didn’t buy one of those!

  3. Hi Janet. I love your blog! I thought I would reach out and ask you this question. I have my first trip to London planned in March and I am looking for a Filofax travel wallet. I love the one you showed in one of your posts – the Bromley. Any ideas on where I might find one? Thank you!

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