Zenkraft Fantasia de Fleur X-Treme A5 Quadfold Pro


This Zenkraft was a wonderful experience from start to finish. The website went live on Monday 4th January at 6pm my time. By 6.03pm I received an order confirmation for my custom order of a Fantasia de Fleur A5 X-Treme Quadfold Pro. Two days later it was complete and a few hours after that it had been posted. It travelled from the USA to Sweden and arrived on the 14th January. TEN days after I bought it!

It was packaged in a thick muslin bag and is absolutely stunning. At 98cm/38.5inches long it is one enormous piece of leather. It fits FOUR different sizes of which one of each was included (A5, A6, Field Notes and 5 x 8) and has place for pens, rulers, a credit card, A5 paper and smaller papers. Plus it came with a cute hand bookmark and two pen loops. I added a bird bookmark to the second bookmark cord.

My order:

  • Leather: Fantasia de Fleur
  • Size: A5
  • Number of Folds: Quad Fold
  • Binder Size: 2″
  • Business Card Slot (standard): Yes
  • Tech Pocket (standard): Yes
  • Multi Function Pockets: Yes
  • Utility Pocket: Yes
  • X-Treme Model w/Side Flap Pocket: Yes
  • Pen Loop: Two
  • Field Note Insert Cord: Yes

Fantasia de Fleur is described as:

LIMITED EDITION Fantasia de Fleur!  Constructed from a combination of 4 oz. oil tanned leather with a metallic floral paint job, and 5 oz. orange oil tanned leather. The two leathers are sewn together, allowing the thinner layer to maintain its integrity and ability to hold 6 to 8 Personal size inserts comfortably.  Complete with gilded brass rivets, twin tech pockets, its not only gorgeous but functional to say the least.

I am including lots of photos in this post because the leather looks different in different lights and because it is so big, I had to make several efforts to do it justice!




IMG_7742IMG_7732IMG_7725IMG_7728IMG_7730I often have problems with the Swedish postal service (which is strange because Sweden is usually really good at these types of things). They often do not send me any notification that I have a package. What makes it even harder is that when parcels arrive from the US they are often given a Swedish tracking number so it is then impossible to find the parcel because Sweden does not have the US tracking number and I don’t have the Swedish tracking number. This happened yesterday when they scanned the US number but sent me notification for the Swedish one. When I got to the post office they couldn’t find the parcel. The third time I was there I gave them the US one Yochanan had given me and voila! They found it!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It’s gorgeous! If you ever want to to sell let me know. Thanks for sharing. I love it!!! You gotta Wonderful gem.

    1. I did indeed! And it is a custom order as well which he stopped doing after that first time. I will put you down for first dibs! I have thought of selling it a few times but the thought of regretting it and never being able to find another one has always stopped me!

      1. I totally understand! It’s a rare beauty. It’s perfect for a prayer journal plus some.

  2. I ordered the Fantasia de Fleur Field Notes XL the end of Fall last year. It was my Christmas gift to me. 😊 I love that little thing! The colors are terrific! My bands are ice blue. You made a great choice in leathers! I love seeing it in such a large working desk format. ZenKraft is an awesomely made piece of art in a useable and workable form. Great review!

  3. The pictures are lovely and this is absolutely to die for! After inquiry, Yochanan noted that he was out of that particular leather. After seeing this, I am quite happy. This went to a hardworking, my favorite blogger, wannabe best friend, and most deserving person I know. Now in the hands of someone who will appreciate and take good care of it!!!!! Enjoy – you so deserve this!!!

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