Another AV Notebook, this time in grey and purple

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I already have four of these little notebooks so this beauty will be a Christmas present for a loved one who loves all of mine. I have been eyeing it for ages and loved the purple and grey combination. I find that grey goes with most colours (teal, pink, turquoise, purple) and is a softer alternative to black. I use it a lot in furnishing and my clothes.

Service from Svetlana at AV Workshop was, as always fast, efficient and the quality will be brilliant I know. Her books are A6 size, which is light and portable but not too small. Each one is different, the paper is lovely, and the endpapers and headbands are really pretty.

I am not sure how my readers buy presents but I tend to see things I like during the year, buy them, and squirrel them away. I keep a list of what I have bought for each person. So for me I generally have all birthday/Christmas/anniversary/’just because’ presents bought well in advance.


Author: Janet Carr

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