Beautiful wedding and engagement rings

My one engagement ring is pretty run of the mill, though very big and heavy. It is made from my mother’s, maternal and paternal grandmothers’, best friend’s and my father’s diamonds and gold. The engagement ring was in the centre, the wedding and eternity rings are on either side, now soldered together.

My other one is rather unusual. Black gold and a black upside down diamond of three quarters of a carat.  I don’t have it anymore but it looked something like this. I wanted something that looked like nothing but was very precious. Like me. The one below comes from this shop on Etsy and is one tenths of a carat.

My wedding ring for that one was white gold and black diamonds. When I got married I stopped wearing the engagement ring and just wore this one.

I have always loved black diamonds and was quite sad when they gained in popularity recently. The good thing about that though is that you can find them more easily these days, though they are usually treated.

nwjSo for that reason, these rings from JKASHIArtStudio on Etsy really appeal to me for wedding and engagement rings. They are unusual, beautiful, rugged and for people for whom the traditional choices are not enough.



















Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Wow, Janet, how beautiful!!! Your engagement ring is certainly one of a kind. I love unique metals as well and the black diamond is just so precious. This post really resonated with me this week. I came home Saturday from visiting my mother who is 86. Everytime I go to see her I go into her jewelry box and look at my grandfather’s engagement ring. I remember my paternal grandmother telling me how she gave it to him! I finally asked my mom if I could take it home with me and she let me. It is a horizontal ruby with a diamond set on each side. The stones are set in a yellow gold Art Deco setting. As much as I would love to wear it I am thinking of getting a good solid gold chain to hang from. It is very precious to me as I do remember my grandfather very well even though he has been gone for nearly 50 years.

    1. I love all my rings (I am a ring junkie) but as you say, the sentimental ones mean the world to you. My yellow gold and white diamond wedding and engagement ring is literally irreplaceable. The rings it is made from were largely unwearable as they were worn thin, the settings were weakened and all of them were way too big for me. But this way I carry them with me always. Thanks for sharing! Your grandfather’s engagement ring sounds wonderful!

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