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I have been dying to find out more about Pocket Letters for ages now. I never thought I would actually receive one though. But I did, for my birthday, which is on the 23rd July. I will write a pots about it then but before that, here is some info on what pocket letters are and how to use them.


Janette Lane says on her website  I created Pocket Letters™ as a new way to send letters to your new or existing penpals. Basically, you fill all the pockets of a 9 Pocket Trading Card Protector and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap with you. This can be a one-time exchange or you can keep exchanging Pocket Letters indefinitely. You fill the pockets with anything you like (stickers, tea bags, a note, washi tape samples, pictures, etc.) A short note or letter is included and tucked into one of the pockets. Then the Pocket Letter is folded up and sent in a standard 10 size envelope. It’s the perfect way to send and collect letters from other Pocket Letter Pals (ie people who are sending mail in this format) around the world and a convenient way to store them. They fit perfectly in a binder! 




  • There is a pocket letter Facebook group here.

And find more at the addresses below:


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  1. Janet, these pocket letters are loads of fun to make! I have sent and received some (well, 10), and for a number of reasons will not be making more (maybe!). They can be addictive, time consuming brain teasers (think nine little pockets of art) that may keep you up all hours creating. Fun to make, fun to receive.

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