VDS Undyed Binder – SIX months on!

Well, I am there now – 6 months on in the project and I love this binder more than I have ever loved another. It has taken on my life, and shaped and formed its patina and scuffs and bummps just for me.

I have not oiled, conditioned or cleaned it apart from wiping it with a gentle baby wipe – twice. I have not been careful with it and have used it intensively, as I do all my binders. This leather is more vulnerable to marking and showing age in the beginning but as it gains its protective patina (like us gaining a tan and leathery skin if we work intensively outdoors with many scratches and dings) it will wear way better than other leathers. And it will look better than them the older it gets.

I promised Petra and her dad that I would stay in this binder for 6 months so new buyers of this leather would really know what they were getting in for when they bought it. Although it looks absolutely perfect and beautiful when you have just bought it, it is not for the fainthearted because it has not been treated or dyed and shows every mark, scuff, bump and bit of sunlight it encounters. This is not the leather to buy if you hate scuffs and marks.

This beauty is perfectly designed for my life and I would not add anything except for a full length back pocket – they were not available when this one was made. Originally this was going to be the test binder for the full length back wallet pocket as well, but Petra felt it was best to test the full length pocket on a non-customised binder first.

I have loved being in it and not missed my fortnightly change of binder. I tend to change handbags and binders often because I use them all day every day and I get really bored with them. Changing them prevents me from losing interest.

Am I going to change binders now that the six months are up? Not on your nelly! I cannot bear to be parted from this baby. And if that is not a testament to how wonderful it is, I don’t know what is!





After a quick wipe with a baby wipe – it loses that glorious patina plus the worst of the dusty marks but then glows up pretty shortly afterwards


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I’m seriously considering the undyed leather option for one of the new TN’s from VDS. I think it would be awesome. Your binder is gorgeous.

  2. It’s gorgeous! A well used and loved binder is a thing of beauty. I found a wonderful Pocket Filo, dating to 1988 (as best as my sleuthing skills can determine) that was all battered and scuffed. A baby wipe and little leather conditioner, and it is easily the most beautiful binder I have in my growing collection. So much so, that SO has threatened to claim it for himself. The part that tickles my thrifting heart, $1. However, that’s not the best part; it’s been used, loved and cherished. I love every scuff and wear mark.

  3. Looks great!…..

    As mentioned before, I can’t to see your beautiful baby at 24 months….will look even better I’m sure…..


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