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Just to get straight from the start that I am never given freebies to write about anything. In 99% of cases the seller does not even know I am a blogger until I have written an article about my shopping experience and the product, and sent them the link.

Why? I guess because I am a paying customer and I want to have the same experience as all other paying customers. I want to be able to be objective and have an opinion.

I got these stencils from KawaiiTokyo. She is so nice to deal with and the stencils are gorgeous!

My particular favorites are the two Hobonichi Techo stencils because they are so compact and light, while at the same time fitting in so many features. Next favorite is the folding ruler/stencil which saves a lot of space but at the same time is quite a big stencil. In the picture above you can see the little planner stickers. I am very definitely not a planner decorator or a sticker fan but these are PERFECT for me as I can use them to denote pay days, appointments, trips etc. Much quicker than writing, easy to do and do not take up much space.




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. how much did you pay? i was looking at her etsy shop and saw one hobonichi stencil was being sold for $12.13 US plus shipping cost. but on the hobonichi site it’s 370 yen, which is only $3.29 US w/756yen shipping (doesn’t matter how large your order is, it’s $6.72US).

    I’m just wondering if it was sold cheaper when you bought yours.

    1. Hobonichi has always been cheaper for their own-brand stencils than Kawaii (though the stencils are often sold out at Hobonichi) but I bought quite a few Kawaii-exclusive stencils at the same time as the Hobo ones, some of which she special-ordered for me, and the shipping to Sweden was cheaper from Kawaii than from Hobonichi so it worked out only slightly more expensive for me. The price difference was not so extreme when I bought though.

  2. Very cute stencils and stickers! 😮 It hasn’t yet occured to me to use stencils to decorate my planners, but I’ll definitely try it now! 😀

  3. Awww Man!! Lucky you!! I so want those hobonichi stencils, I started to order them then I saw what it is going to cost to ship them to me in the states and it was quite ridiculous. I honestly don’t remember it costing that much when I ordered my hobonichi planner. 🙁 sniff sniff maybe I will order at a later date.
    I honestly hope you enjoy them! Congrats!

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