So true about cats


All my cats have been like this. They tend to like things that are hard to get or discontinued or only come in  multiple selection packs (so you end up with a pack of ten flavors they won’t eat and one they love). Then when you actually buy in bulk they decide they don’t want it anymore.

I had two cats and each was on special Hill’s Science Plan Veterinary food – Tusse for his tummy and Paddy for his kidneys. Of course Tusse only liked Paddy’s food, not his own, and vice versa. And you could only get it from one vet, miles away.

Tusse also decided he liked food I brought back form South Africa – guess what had to be sent to me for almost a year after that?  He also liked some rare Sheba cat food called Delicacies of the Seas. I used to hunt for it but managed to get a case from my supermarket. Naturally the day I carried that sodding case of cat food up 126 steps he decided he didn’t like it anymore.

Fluffy has been something different. When we went to collect him as a kitten he was face down in a plate of the cheapest cat food on the market, scarfing it down as though his life depended on it. His then owner said ‘he will eat anything, the cheaper the better’. When we got home I said to Mark ‘let’s give him some fish as a treat’. He ate that fish and since then (FOUR years ago) he has refused to eat anything else. We even tried to starve him into submission. After a week the vet and we gave up completely and went back to fish. If you try and give him anything else he recoils dramatically and runs out of the room.

Has anyone else had that with their cats?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. My cat is fussy with her wet food. She’ll eat it once she’s seen it being put down, but after that she won’t touch it! Loves dry biscuits though.
    And whenever I’m eating tuna she comes running just at the sound of the tin and tin opener! Can’t eat tuna without her meowing until she gets a forkful…

  2. I’ve wound up with the jumbo bags that I eventually take to the local shelter. Those poor guys love whetever they’re given. My girls are on a tuna kick now.

  3. We used to get our cat blocks of frozen fish from the supermarket, it came in small cubes, so you could just extract one from the packet and pop it in a bowl to defrost it but as soon as the smell of it started coming out of the microwave the cat would appear from no where every time. He used to get inpatient waiting for it to cool down again!

  4. It’s amusing… after the fact. I swear our cat always looked at us when we came home with a huge pack of something we thought he loved with absolute disdain, as if trying to convey “I was only eating it to get rid of it”!
    On the other hand, southern fried chicken (for humans) was his favourite, at which point humans would merely become trees to be climbed in order to access said food 😉

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