PJ Salvage Pyjamas


I love pyjamas! I am not sure if it is the routine of putting them on after a hard day and somehow being given a signal that it is time to relax, or that they are so comfortable.

I never used to wear them but it is something that my mother in law and my aunt (who is like my mother) always give me. And then once I started wearing them I kind of got hooked. I don’t sleep in them as I get too hot but I like wearing them around the house.

I don’t wear pyjama tops unless they are like a vest (that is a bit of a minefield term for all different English speakers). This to me is a vest. I usually wear one of these with my pyjama bottoms. I wish more PJs were sold as separates. Particularly as I am a size 8 on the bottom and a 12 on the top. image1xl

Present from my aunt. Here is me and my little nephew trying to fit everything into my case before I flew home to Sweden from South Africa.
Present from my mother in law

I saw these pyjamas yesterday – aren’t they cute?



They are by PJ Salvage who really do lovely pyjamas.









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