A5 Van Der Spek Binder in Janet Leather (#104)

For a previous post about this and how I discovered the leather, please click here.

I cannot say how much I love this binder. It is so rich and textured and sturdy. Kind of like Mulberry Darwin mated with Gillio epoca and had babies! I have Bontex stiffener in this one. I chose this leather with the range marks and spots on it because I loved the marks and that the animal roamed free for long enough to have scars and wrinkles on its legs where it walked and on its neck where it looked up at the sun. Newer versions of this leather do not come with white spots.

It is now on the Van Der Spek website, as number 104.




Big gold 35mm rings. The gold are sold out – I picked these when they had only a few left. The popper is also gold.


Flyleaves with front view of the personal sized Janet Leather (#104)
Pen holders and flyleaves with front view of the personal sized Janet Leather (#104). The A5 flyleaf is plain. 

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Just got my vdS sample swatches that include the Janet leather. To my eyes, your binder looks more orangey-red color than the sample I have that has brownish-red cast to it.

    Is it my eyes or is it the photos or ?


  2. Janet, how do you compare the 104 Janet leather and the undyed leather? Are they thicker than the other leather? Smoother? I am very interested in those leather and considering having a planner made in 104 and later in undyed leather.

    1. The undyed is totally smooth while the Janet Leather has grain like Gillio. Undyed is also stiffer. Janet leather is thicker. Having used the undyed for a week now I think the patina it is going to get is going to be much better than the Janet Leather but the Janet leather is going to wear better.

    1. Even full stiffener models lie perfectly flat. VdS does not make binders the way filofax does with stiffening material wrapping around the spine; these are built like books with cover, hinge, and spine construction which gives a rigid cover with no issues to open fully flat.

      1. True – my A5 in Cognac does that perfectly and it has full stiffener but the undyed personal did not yet and neither did the A5 Janet leather. Not sure why but they will go flat soon enough!

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